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Wonderland Magazine: Premiere: Sharkk Heartt - How to Love

"Mixing elements of jazz with classic pop sensibilities, the rising artist lets her vocals shine through on the single, as she effortlessly navigates the complex and atmospheric soundscape."

Westword: Sharkk Heartt Drops a New Music Video

"...the music itself offers a driving beat, with pulsing synthesizers and vocals that are layered with reverb. Now, with the video, it creates a pensive, transitory state."

Tucson Weekly: Sharkk Heartt blends electronics and activism on her debut album 

“The song sets the sound palette for the entire album with cool, echoing percussion and Ruggles building a slow chorus over quiet keyboards...While it is a somewhat delicate beginning, the majority of the tracks are outright anthemic, with layers of Ruggles’ voice building into rallying cries...”

Rawckus Magazine: Sharkk Heartt Releases Superlative "Wars Our Mothers Fought"

“Simultaneously tantalizing and imminent, on Wars Our Mothers Fought, Sharkk Heartt offers bewitching sonic ensorcellment – hypnotic, delicate, and muscular.”

Glide Magazine: Sharkk Heartt Makes Moving Statement With Minimalist Electro-Pop Anthems

“Many songs feature little more than a drum track and synths, making for a moody style of down-tempo electro pop that contrasts nicely with a vocal cadence that feels rooted in R&B and spoken word.”

Arizona Daily Star: Sharkk Heartt releasing debut album

“Wars” explores the world through the prism of women demanding to be heard and respected. “Call Us What We Are” admonishes mansplaining with the biting refrain “don’t call me sweetheart unless you’re my sweetheart.”

Imperfect Fifth: Sharkk Heartt, "Work Fires"

"Each movement perfectly timed to the danceable rhythm that has been created with Ruggles’ minimalist instrumentation approach and full, energetic vocals. "

Happy Mag: Sharkk Heartt Unleashes an Empowering Folk-Pop Ballad

"The single is poetry printed upon gossamer sheets of folk-pop. It’s what Ruggles does best: pointing out the areas of our society that refuse to grow and enrich. "

Westword: Lara Ruggles, aka Sharkk Heartt, Takes a Bite At the System

"In a cause bigger than her own career, Ruggles hopes to inspire communities to fight to keep independent music spaces alive. "

Tucson Weekly: Sharkk Heartt Debuts 'More Than This'

"As 2020 continues its downward trajectory both in Arizona and the rest of the world, Tucson musician Lara Ruggles - or Sharkk Heartt - debuts an empowering track about standing strong."

Tucson Weekly: Electric Dreams

"Sharkk Heartt mixes keyboards, pop and incredibly personal lyrics together into a sentimental yet powerful platform worthy of her name."

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