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Receive It and Believe It

This is my challenge to myself, and to you. When someone tells you you are talented, that you will succeed, that you have something extra that shines unmistakably bright, receive those words and spend a minute holding them inside of you, treasuring them, and BELIEVING them. I am so tempted, when someone tells me they are sure I will "make it", to launch into all the reasons it will be difficult, if not impossible. But that doesn't invite them to join me in making their words true. I don't give my audience a reason to join me if I tell them all about why nobody cares and it isn't working, yet. People don't get especially excited to get behind things that nobody cares about, that aren't working. So I choose to believe the positive words I hear, to see the potential, to focus on the ways I have already succeeded and the things that ARE working beautifully. Is there a way you can do this in your own life? What has someone told you lately that you would like to believe about yourself? Hold it in your hands. Practice believing it is true.


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